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November 22, 2016

This page will basically house most if not all the photos sent to us via Email or Instagram DM.  Check out their pages maybe even follow someone new! 



@_Mzdarati was actually one of the first people to purchase our "Night Drives" Sticker ! Stickers in image : Keep Fighting V.1 , Night Drives

 @Elbrewmeister has been supporting our brand since day one. 

Stickers in image : Night Drives, Lum bndt

@Vargas_FD // @Angel_Motorsports Shop owner and sticker lover. Also a brap master. Stickers in image : Fight on V.1 (yellow option)

 @Nakamura_Naoki_N was in the states and all we had to do is simply ask. 

Stickers in image : Fight On V.1 (yellow option)

 @Roadie_46 purchased one of the last Neko Bandito sticker! not sure if i should make a version two or just put them to rest. 

Stickers in image : Neko Bandito


@0ption13 sent us this photo of his fancy sxe10 oh and our stickers are there too.

Stickers in image : Japan Soul ( OG ), Dream Chaser

@toyotarob Mr.326 with a pretty big package! cant wait to see this thing finished.

Stickers in image : D.T.M (gold option), Instructional, Destiny Road, D.T.M(black/white option)

 @Radio_Face_Killa with the "Fight On" decal ! Keep doing your thing brother of destruction! Stickers in image : Fight on V.1 (yellow option)

@Mariosag_ Rocking our "D.T.M" and Diecut in our sparkle option. Fact: D.T.M Stands for "Dont trust me" the sticker itself translates to "Don't trust me   im a liar" Stickers in image : D.T.M (black/white option) Kitsune Die Cut (sparkle option)

@adayforgrenades have you ever seen such a great view? once again deadstock neko bandito! Stickers in image : Neko Bandito

@Noah_Lines Probably one of the coolest little cars our stickers will be on, Suzuki Super Carry ! Stickers in image : Night Drives, Fight On V.1 (yellow option)

@Dopeass_cokin Has supported us from the start, from ashy paint to a fresh paint job with a side of chrome !

Sticker in image : Kitsune Die Cut in Sparkle finish.

 @Uhhhpanda took some great photos of our stickers along side his 2008 Civic ! adding the bandits to his roll call xxx

Sticker in image : D.T.M in Gold option.




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